Scholarship Tips

Tips and Advice
1. Binder/Folder your information

2. List all scholarships you are eligible for
a. Name, deadline date, requirements, where you found it

3. Letters of references
a. Give 2 – 3 weeks notice, provide person with resume, variety of people
b. Pay attention to DETAILS

4. utilize,  and other online resources

5. Send in early!

6. Always keep a copy of application forms and scholarships you apply for.

Places to Look for Scholarships
1. High School
 Visit the Guidance Counsellor’s office. They usually receive resources from many donors
and an experienced counsellor can be invaluable to your search.

2. Institution of Study
 Another good place to start is at the school where you intend to enrol. Every post-
secondary institution has an Awards Program. Most have their awards listed on their

3. Local Community
 Often local awards will not be found on the internet. These awards are generally offered
through community clubs, charitable foundations, local employers, and community

4. Your Employer or your Parents Employer
 Many companies offer programs for employees and employees’ dependents as part of their benefit package. Ask your parents. Students who work part-time should also check with their own employer.

5. Professional Organizations
 Professional organizations want to promote their profession. Many national groups have local affiliates, so always check locally and nationally. See what they have to offer. For example: A.P.E.G.G.A, an engineering association, offers many scholarships for students interested in Engineering and Saskatchewan Chartered Accounts provide one to a student pursuing accounting.

6. Industry
 Think about where you would seek employment upon completion of studies. Many
industries offer awards to encourage development of a skilled workforce. You don’t have to work for the company offering the scholarship, simply take advantage of the opportunity to apply.

7. Specific to Ethnic Origin or Citizens with Disabilities
 Many companies and organizations offer awards to assist specific students. If you are of
aboriginal ancestry there are many awards established to assist aboriginal students. There are also many awards offered through organizations that support citizens with disabilities. Check with your local support organization or their affiliated national websites.

8. Internet
 There are several different ways in which you should use the internet in searching for

9. Athletics
 University, college, technical schools, junior colleges sports teams. Ex: soccer, swimming, fastball, baseball, football, basketball, etc. ($ – CSA Prepstar, NCSA; Self-Managed –


 The above website was created to help simply your scholarship search…you need to take ownership of your future…look up and apply for some scholarships!


based on some information from the website