CLICK HERE for the Word doc Scholarship Packet as of April 1, 2019…it is an editable ten page Word document the Career Counsellors put together and it lists random scholarships¬† categorized by month. The scholarships are hyperlinked for easy access…but understand if the groups who offer the scholarship move locations on their website it may result in a dead link. If you a dead link you can report it to us in the menu area of the site or click here.

Please visit the Scholarships Sites area of our page and consider making some accounts on other scholarship search sites. Please remember to scroll to the bottom of websites so you can view the entire length of their pages. We have had students receive tens of thousands of dollars through searches and applications on this very site. In one year alone, three students were recipients of $140 000 combined!

Click here to read an interesting article on how plenty of scholarships go unclaimed.

Please check out and browse other areas of the Funding For School site for further info as well. Click here to be redirected to the About section.

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